Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Nights

Dear People Who Read This Site, “George”, Girl, That Euro, Special C, Dr. Chris, Medicine Woman, The (Other) O.C., (Get Back) JoJo, Beloved Retailers, Almost as Beloved Press, and Especially Beloved Potential Investors,

First, I'd like to welcome our newest retailer -- Totally For You spa in West Seneca, NY. Other than a little does of minty meanness, Totally For You is an oasis of relaxation, and Teri works wonders, so go one and go all!

For those of you visiting us for the first time after seeing Embittermints in New York Magazine, welcome! Hope you love dance related reality programming and Duran Duran! Please do order lots of Embittermints, tell your retail friends, and pass the word on to Oprah!

On the TV front, not a lot to report this summer, so far. No Dmitry-like stars have emerged from So You Think You Can Dance this year -- they all remain most disconcertingly be-shirted. But that Cat Deely is adorable, and towers over the teeny dancers most charmingly. But other than that, I've taken to...reading.

Keep buying Embittermints!


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